Divide 4500 Ultralight Backpack in Color Olive

Divide 4500 Ultralight Backpack

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    Divide 4500 Ultralight Backpack 

    Designed for the ultralight backpacker and backcountry adventurer who needs both light weight and comfort under serious loads, the Divide bridges the gap between traditional UL backpacking packs and the load hauling external frames.  The Evolution articulating suspension rides close to the wearer and moves under light loads, yet is vertically rigid, enough that when sized correctly load carriage is limited only by the users physical fitness.  Other 2.5 pound packs do well with 20 - 25 pounds, and struggle above.  The Divide thrives with 30-50 pound loads and is capable over 100 pounds if properly fitted for the load.  With a proven feature set tailored for lightweight backpackers, pack rafters, and backcountry skiers, the Divide also delivers on ultralight backpack hunting trips where weight is of utmost importance.

    Despite what you've heard, all straps that can be bar tacked are in fact bar tacked. Any straps that are not are left unstitched for a particular reason.

    Handmade in Grand Junction, Colorado, USA.



    • Tapered main bag adapts to large loads, and rolls down to hug smaller loads.  When rolled down to the top of the frame the Divide is little more than 3000 cubic inches, but at full capacity balloons to 4500.
    • Dimensional side pockets with shock cord closure.  Uncinch, access a bottle or snacks, and recinch with one hand on the fly.  Shock cord is use replaceable for long service life
    • Rear mesh pocket for storage of wet or quick access items
    • Dual side compression with unbreakable aluminum bachelor buckles
    • Weatherproof rolltop can be clipped to itself, or to included side straps for more compression
    • Lower cinch straps hold a bear can, sleeping pad, crampons, etc.



    • Suits 14" - 20" torsos without extensions , 18" - 21" with 2 inch extensions
    • One size harness micro adjustable to any torso length within fit range
    • Interchangeable hipbelts in four sizes, to fit waists from 29" to 42"



    • Pack bag height closed: 32" (with two rolls of the roll top)
    • Top circumference: 40.5"
    • Base circumference: 36"
    • Rear Pocket: 10" by 14" by 5"



    • Base weight 2 lbs 12 oz Alpine Gray, 2 lbs 15 Expedition Olive (w/ small belt)
    • Removable strapping adds 2.6 ounces (over the top, roll top cinch, dual lower straps) 
    • Horizon Cross Stay adds 2.5 ounces
    • Weight as packaged 3 lbs 1 oz in Alpine Grey, 3 lbs 4 oz Expedition Olive


    Rain Cover / Seam Sealing: 

    •  A rain cover is not needed for main pack bag since it features waterproof material and a watertight closure. Waterproof stuff sacks are recommended for exceptionally rainy conditions, and dry bags for submersion or severely wet conditions such as bushwacking or canyoneering.  Seam sealing with Aquaseal, from the outside, will enhance waterproofing.  Unsealed seams will leak in severe conditions.


    Bear Cans: 

    • All bear cans will fit horizontally in the upper 2/3 of the bag
    • Bear cans may be strapped on with lower compression straps 
    • Bear cans may be carried under the top strap



    • Suspension is 500D Cordura and 3D spacer mesh. Hypalon and 500D Cordura reinforcements
    • Pack bag is made from X21RC xpac (grey) or X42 xpac (olive).  X21 represents an excellent balance of durability and weight for on trail or lighter duty uses.  X42 easily stand up to all but the most abusive of applications.


    Divide Ultralight Backpack Torso Range and Comfort

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    1. Delighted with my Divide 4500

      I believe that the Divide 4500 may be the "do everything" pack that I've been looking for.

      I'm a "lightweight" backpacker and also a Scout Leader who takes lots of scouts on overnight trips. When I'm backpacking solo or with a small group of capable hikers, I rarely have over 25lbs in my pack including consumables and my ULA Catalyst or GG Mariposa work just fine. I like both of these packs and they work well with loads under 30 lbs. However, I'm also a Scout Leader who takes new scouts on trips and I invariably end up carrying extra gear - troop first aid kit, extra food, etc just in case. Recently, I hauled 45 lbs on an overnight scout trip to a dry camp using the ULA pack and was miserable as the suspension jus't cant carry that much weight comfortably.

      I am also taking 2 scout crews to Philmont and know that I will end up with over 40 lbs due to the way the trips are outfitted with crew gear and food. So, after reading all the reviews (particularly "Section Hiker") about the Divide 4500, I decided to take the plunge and add a pound or so to my pack weight in order to get the load carrying capability I need.

      I've taken the Divide 4500 on two overnight trips so far with about 30 lbs total weight so have not yet tested it at my upper weight limit. Here's what I can say about it at this point:
      1. The hip belt and harness are the most comfortable I've ever used. The hip belt is wider and a better "wrap" than my other packs and way more comfortable. I'll still have to see how it does at higher weights but I expect it to be great. Since the torso is fully adjustable, I've been able to "dial in" a perfect fit .
      2. The pack body has all the features I wanted (expandable front mesh pocket, roll top, large side pockets) plus the ability to compress and use as a day pack - Important to me for use in ascending "Baldy" at Philmont.
      3. The material and construction is best in class. The quality of workmanship is superb.

      The one area that I was concerned about was the ability of the side pocket to hold two 1L "Smart Water" bottles. After receiving the pack and loading it, the side pocket did not seem tall enough to secure two of the bottles on one side. However, after using the pack on two trips, I can say that the side pocket held the two bottles securely. The water bottles were accessible while hiking and held the bottles securely in place when bending over. That was a key concern that has now been alleviated. If you carry the tall 1L water bottles, you won't have any problem with securing them.

      Finally, I like the pack so much that I bought one for my "soon to be" Eagle Scout for the trip to Philmont.

      on 16th Mar 2017

    2. Solid pack

      I received my Divide 4500 on Wednesday, December 21st. Unfortunately, someone had forgotten to include the sternum strap. I called Seek Outside and after a chat with Luke, a sternum strap was being sent my way. They also kindly allowed me to exchange my medium hipbelt for a small. NOTE: I have a 32" waist (measured with a seamstress's tape), and the small hipbelt fits perfectly.

      The strap and belt arrived on Thursday, December 29. Just in time! I had a trip planned for an off-trail wander in the Ojito Wilderness with my longbow and a few buddies. We spent the night on a high bluff under the glow of the Milky Way. Coyotes serenaded us and the piƱon smoke was the smell of wildness.

      In the morning, we shouldered our packs and headed across the badlands on a compass guided ramble. My Divide 4500 carried like a dream! (Almost...see note below) I was able to shoot my 72lb draw-weight bow while wearing it. I carried about 35lbs in the pack and had no problems with discomfort other than when a cookpot was poking me in the spine. (My careless packing; soon remedied.)

      The flexibility of the suspension allowed me to leap across gulches and bend over to pick up arrows. It rested lovingly on my hips and was stable, supporting the load well. I had no problem with the rigid framing impeding freedom of movement nor did the frame base scrape my tailbone.

      I do have a bit of a feeling that the pack drifts backwards somewhat at the top. This is despite packing it properly, adjusting the sternum straps, etc. Perhaps I need to bend the frame slightly? Any feedback would be appreciated.

      As noted by Philip Werner, the shoulder harness is wide. I am not a tiny guy, (6'1", 185 lbs.) and it works for me, but just barely.

      Sometimes I like to backpack shirtless, and the mesh on the hipbelt and shoulder straps seems rather abrasive. Not a deal breaker, and perhaps it will soften up after use.

      It would be nice if at least one hipbelt pocket was included instead of only being available as a $25 add-on.

      All in all, a great experience, and if the pack ends up carrying the 50 lb load that I plan to carry in the snow at 12k feet in February, it will enter the pantheon of backpack divinity! I should add that due to the rather hefty price tag, It will have to last for at least a decade for it to enter that exalted state! We shall see.

      Keep in mind that all of the above is only an initial impression after one outing. I often find that it takes me up to a year of use with gear before I have concrete opinions based on sufficient experience.

      I do, however, have good vibes and high hopes for my Seek Outside Divide 4500!
      on 1st Jan 2017

    3. Update on the previous review "HAPPY WITH 650 MILES ON IT"

      Now at 2400 PCT miles on the green Divide with 2" extensions this year. Except for scratched paint on frame there is no obvious wear. With a magnifying glass you can see fuzzing of the fabric near the waist belt and on the bottom. And the top fabric has subtlety bleached in the sun. And the padding in the shoulders has flattened a little bit. I'd guess the pack has at least 80% of its life left (~10,000 miles) which realistically will probably take me to my grave.

      I have decided the bachelor buckles on the bottom are fine, but the ones on the sides are annoying, would rather have normal buckles there. They have a tendency to unhook when not tight, which seems to happen whenever I stop and take something out of the main compartment. And then I inevitably don't notice until I have my pack on. The one on the bottom don't seem to come accidentally off unless you completely empty the pack which isn't a problem.

      Only semi-complaint I have overall is that some of the reviews I read online made it seem like this pack was nearly waterproof and wouldn't benefit much from a pack cover. In my experience in Washington, aside from the fact that the material won't soak up/retain a ton of water this pack needs a liner and/or cover just as much as any other. The water just wicks straight through the seems. Really, more a problem with incorrect expectations on my part than a problem with the pack. To be clear, I have not seem sealed.

      I still give the pack 5 stars and consider the money well spent. I see no reason that I would shop for another pack unless I go crazy and go super ultra light. Thanks for making an awesome pack seek outside!
      on 8th Nov 2016

    4. 5 star pack

      roll top, water proof, durable, reachable side pockets. Amazing frame great load transfer, pack will touch your hips and lower back leaving your upper back with some air flow. Mesh is rough enough to take off some of your skin, I doubt it will rip. Very nice wide shoulder straps and comfortable hip padding. Good bag shape, smaller at the bottom and wider at the top makes for easier to put things in. Bag is huge, easily fit my 30 degree kit; excited to try it out this winter. on 24th Oct 2016

    5. Finally found a pack that fits

      After trying (and suffering through) numerous internal and external frame packs, I am in awe of how well this pack carries a load. I only have about 30 miles on it so far, so I can't comment on long term durability, but the materials and construction leave little doubt it will last a long time.

      The hip belt is amazingly comfortable, and the way it actually sits around my hips, I don't have to tighten the waist strap as much as other packs.

      The frame and hip belt distribute load very well. My max so far is ~45#, and likely won't carry much more than this. But it worked great from 45# down to 15# on day hikes.

      Wasn't sure about the bachelor buckles when I bought it, but I now love them. Much easier to access things that are lashed than traditional ones.

      The stash pocket and water bottle pockets work great and are are big enough to carry things I need to access during the day. Got caught in a downpour hiking in Glacier NP and the inside of the pack was bone dry. I haven't seam sealed it, though I may just for peace of mind.

      Prior to getting the Divide, the pack I had the best luck with was an older Gregory. But after 10 miles or so my hips and back would get sore, even with 35-40#. I cruised along with 45# in the Divide and the only thing that didn't keep up and feel great were my lungs.

      I honestly have nothing negative to say about the Divide 4500. A roll top bag isn't big on organization, but I knew that going in. It's lightweight, rugged, waterproof, adjustable, and carries a load like nothing I've encountered.

      Thanks for making such a great product!
      on 18th Jul 2016

    6. Works well for me

      Setup: Divide 4500 in Olive with multi-lid. Used 2" extensions to the frame for my longer torso length. Adjusted belt height so that the pack rides as high as possible. Added belt and shoulder strap pockets from another vendor.

      I've VERY pleased with the way this pack carries. I have over 70 mile on it so far, with pack weights from 19 #'s (short hike) to 35 #'s on several longer hikes. The weight all comes down on my hips; just as everyone said that it would. I like it! Admittedly this may be partially because I have paid more attention to learning about pack adjustment than I did with my old pack. The various videos available were helpful. When I tighten the load lifters they actually work.

      The material is very rugged. I could probably have gotten the lighter material and saved the weight. But this material is great.

      The mesh pocket is also very rugged and works for many of my items that I need easily accessible. The bottle pockets do the job as well. I like that they actually have a shape so that the bottle does not have to take up volume from the pack.

      The multi-lid was a later purchase. I felt I needed a bit more volume for some scout camping when I don't have as much control over all of the gear I carry. It works well. I like the internal zippered pocket for my valuables. I likely will not use the lid all of the time.

      I felt I wanted more pockets so I added some aftermarket ones on the belt and straps. Makes the pack more user-friendly for me.

      I agree with with another reviewer that the lower side compression straps could have been an inch higher but they work OK where they are.

      Again, I'm more than just a bit happy with this pack.
      on 14th Jun 2016

    7. Happy with 650 miles on it

      I've had the pack on the pct for 650 miles so far and I am very happy with it. It isn't magical (a heavy pack is still heavy) but I can put the load entirely on my hips when desired. I refuse to use water caches and have carried up to about 50 pounds for dry sections without regret. Almost everyone with different ultralight packs cannot realistically do that and so they have to mitigate the water requirements via what I consider to be less ideal methods. I have my bear can now and it was easy to strap to the top and loads my hips not my shoulders -- while most everyone else has spent the past weeks dreading getting their bear cans because of how poorly most packs carry them.

      I'm not crazy about the bachelor buckles, but I understand why they are used. And the routing of the lower side compression strap is a bit annoying (raising it an inch would fix this problem). But those are relatively small issues.

      Overall I am happy with spending a little more cash to get something that is rock solid that can carry anything I throw at it with only moderate weight and cost penalities. A weight conscious lightweight backpacker can love this pack.
      on 14th Jun 2016

    8. About 50 miles so far, usually around 35#, the Divide is really comfortable!

      A friend and I, both 75 years old and both had Osprey Aethers. He bought a Fortress and got me to try it. I opted for the Divide as most of my overnights are 2-3 days and and I wanted the outside net storage. Along with the pack I purchased extenders, accessory pocket set, and a multilid.
      The pack:
      The waist belt and shoulder straps carry the weight (at or under 40#) better than any pack I have owned-very very satisfied.
      The numerous adjustments can, for the most part, be made while moving which is way better than stopping, adjusting, then finding you are still not comfortable.
      There is plenty of room. I carry the tent strapped to the back, and the multilid and net pocket are great for miscellaneous and frequently used item. I also use a flexible bear canister which fits easily into the pack.
      There are numerous straps and fittings. It takes a while to get everything set up as you like. Take your time and soon it all works very well. Also, I have loosely tied the ends of the straps so that clips/fittings do not fall off.
      The grey lighter material seems plenty rugged to me and saves weight.
      Really like it. It has taken me awhile to adjust things so that the lid stays in place and does not move forward toward my neck and hat.
      Accessory packet set:
      Again, I like it, very handy for keeping things organized.
      2 " Extensions:
      I have never been fitted so maybe I do not need them? They were very easy to install.

      Hope this helps someone make a decision. I have no regrets purchasing these products and recommend them to friends.

      on 8th Jun 2016

    9. 7 day trip 6 days of rain Expedition Divide kept my gear dry on the Isle Royale

      First off I am a 65 year old guy who just started backpacking last year. I have looked at various packs for over a year to find something a little more comfortable than my Osprey Aether but with that carrying capacity. Because I was concerned about buying sight unseen I was very hesitant about buying it. I contacted Kevin by email and explained that I would be testing the pack by carrying about 40LB in it on a local trail here in the midwest and then decide if I would keep it. He said fine. I also contacted another company named K and he emailed back and basically said if I took it out of my house I couldn't return it because it probably would be damaged, so they were eliminated immediately. I then ordered the pack and got it. I put about 40LB into it and carried it and it felt uncomfortable. I watched the set up of the pack video again and then went to work adjusting the pack. It was stupid of me to think that it wouldn't need adjustment. Next time it was great after the fine tuning. I then carried it weekly about 8-10 miles with about 35-40 LB and alternating with the Osprey. Because I was going to the Isle Royale I wanted to make sure that I would be taking the right pack. The Divide was the most comfortable for me. Before I left I seamed sealed the pack. I got to the Isle and it started to rain which continued for the next 6 days. My gear stayed dry and I used no pack liner or pack cover. I was worried about the durability of the pack but that was of no concern. It carried well and did the job riding up at the correct height on my hips. When I was preparing to leave a person who works on the Island saw the pack sitting on a bench and wondered who owned it, I thought it was in the way. He then said he always wanted to see one and then asked if he could try it on. I told him yes and he felt it was the best pack he had ever worn or seen and considering how many people who come to the Isle every year that was impressive. What works for me isn't what works for everyone else, but what I like is that It carries higher on my iliac crest then my Osprey. I bought the 2 inch extensions and they made a big difference for me. I understand that they probably are not needed for my pack weights but for my comfort it is what works and this is the only pack in this weight class that does this. I always felt that no matter what pack I tried on it was always too low on my iliac crest. I have previously returned 3 packs and spent hours trying on packs. I also added a lid cover from another company and belt pockets. I plan on taking this to the PCT in July for a section hike. At first I was concerned that it didn't have a water bladder compartment, but during my hikes it was of no concern and have no plans to use one. All in all I think its a well thought out product with all of the daisy chains on the pack, it gives you a lot of options for attachment points and the mesh pocket on the outside worked great for carrying my camp shoes. This is the only pack where I can actually reach my non limber arms back and pull out my one liter water bottle from the pockets without feeling like I am going to separate my shoulder. The color is great, but that is insignificant to me, comfort is more important. If it came in lime yellow that would just fine as long as it does the job. I don't see any concerns after this trip about wear points and anticipate getting good use out it. I ordered the cobra buckle and the extensions and would recommend that if you order the pack order the accessories at the same time to save shipping charges. on 2nd Jun 2016

  • Product Videos

    • Divide 4500 Backpack Overview
      An overview of the Divide 4500 Backpack

    Divide 4500 Backpack Overview

    An overview of the Divide 4500 Backpack
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    Defects in manufacturing and material for the practical lifetime of the product. Damage due to wear and tear or misuse will be repaired for a reasonable charge.

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  • Other Details

    Internal Volume: 4500 CI (73 Liters)
    External Volume: 1200 CI (20 Liters)
    Base Weight: Alpine Gray 2 lb 12, Olive 3 lb
    Torso Range 24: 14 - 19
    Torso Range 26: 16 - 21
    Access:: Top Loading Roll Top / Stuff It Pocket / 2 Bottle Pockets