Divide 4500 Ultralight Backpack - Olive Green

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Backpack Platform:
Ultralight Hunting
Backpack Size:
3-5 Days
Backpack Size:
5-10 Days
Backpack Weight:
2-3 lbs
Mesh Stuff Pocket
Water Carry:
Water Bottles
Water Resistance:
3 weeks
LT-Backpack Shoulder Harness - Tan:
3 weeks
LT-Small Hipbelt - Tan - Fits 27" - 31":
3 weeks
LT-Medium Hipbelt - Tan - Fits 29" - 34":
3 weeks
LT-Large Hipbelt - Tan - Fits 33" - 38":
3 weeks
LT-XL Hipbelt - Tan - Fits 36" - 42":
3 weeks
LT-Backpack Top Lid - Olive Green:
3 weeks
LT-Hipbelt Pocket - Olive Green:
3 weeks
LT-Lumbar Pad:
3 weeks
LT-2 inch Frame Extension Set:
3 weeks

Lightweight Backpacks / Integrated Platform / Divide

Designed for the ultralight backpacker and backcountry adventurer who needs both light weight and comfort under serious loads, the Divide bridges the gap between traditional ultralight backpacking and load hauling external frames.  

Other 2.5 pound packs do well with 20 - 25 pounds, and struggle above.  The Divide thrives with 30-50 pound loads and is capable over 100 pounds.

With a proven feature set tailored for lightweight backpackers, pack rafters, and backcountry skiers, the Divide also delivers on ultralight backpack hunting trips where weight is of utmost importance.

Handmade in Grand Junction, Colorado, USA.

 For an in depth look, read Product Focus: Seek Outside Divide

Divide Features:

  • Integrated Platform
  • Field Adjustable Frame Height
  • Rapid Adaptable Compression System (RACS)
  • Dynamic Belt System
  • X-Pac™ Fabric
  • Tapered main bag adapts to large loads, and rolls down to hug smaller loads.  When rolled down to the top of the frame the Divide is little more than 3000 cubic inches, but at full capacity balloons to 4500.
  • Dimensional side pockets with shock cord closure.  Uncinch, access a bottle or snacks, and recinch with one hand on the fly.  Shock cord is user replaceable for long service life.
  • Rear mesh pocket for storage of wet or quick access items.
  • Six side compression straps
  • One over-the-top compression strap
  • Two bottom compression straps
  • Note - Ice Axe Loops have been replaced by a web loop and extra gatekeeper straps.  This is a more adaptable system.


  • Top Circumference - 43"  |  109 cm
  • Bottom Circumference - 42"  |  107 cm
  • Unrolled Height - 38"  |  97 cm


  • Base weight 2 lbs 12 oz Alpine Gray, 2 lbs 15 oz Expedition Olive (w/ small belt)
  • Removable strapping adds 2.6 ounces (over the top, roll top cinch, dual lower straps) 
  • Horizon Cross Stay adds 2.5 ounces
  • Weight as packaged 3 lbs 1 oz in Alpine Grey, 3 lbs 4 oz Expedition Olive


  • Six side compression straps
  • One over the top compression strap
  • Two bottom compression straps
  • Field Repair Kit
  • Two one inch belt buckles
  • A 4 to 1 single belt buckle is available upon request







Rain Cover / Seam Sealing: 

  • For instructions, check out our video Seam Sealing a Backpack.
  • Main pack bag is made of X-Pac™ waterproof material and features a waterproof rolltop closure.  Seam sealing the outside seams is recommended for exceptionally wet environments.  
  • Waterproof stuff sacks are recommended for exceptionally rainy conditions, and drybags for submersion or severely wet conditions such as bushwacking or canyoneering.  

Divide Ultralight Backpack Torso Range and Comfort

Backpack Accessories:

Bear Cans: 

  • All bear cans will fit horizontally in the upper 2/3 of the bag
  • Bear cans may be strapped on with lower compression straps 
  • Bear cans may be carried under the top strap


  • Suspension is 500D Cordura and 3D spacer mesh. Hypalon and 500D Cordura reinforcements
  • Pack bag is made from X21RC xpac (grey) or X42 xpac (olive).  X21 represents an excellent balance of durability and weight for on trail or lighter duty uses.  X42 easily stands up to all but the most abusive of applications.


Defects in manufacturing and material for the practical lifetime of the product. Damage due to wear and tear or misuse will be repaired for a reasonable charge.

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  • 5
    Divide 4500 Olive

    Posted by Graham Evans-Prosser on 14th Feb 2019

    I live in the UK and have recently bought a Divide - I am delighted. Firstly I must thank Joe Hughes at SO - he has answered a barrage of email questions from me both before purchase and on receipt of my back pack - the customer service has been outstanding - he even did a sequence of photos specificlly for me showing how to use the Strap Keepers which SO included in my order foc - thank you. The quality of the pack itself is brilliant and it fits beautifully - it feels so much better than some other well known and slighlty lighter packs that I have tried - I am so glad that having done alot of research I took the gamble and ordered - it will last forever and it is so adaptable - I ordered the frame extensions and lumber pad as well as two hip belt pockets. I have tried it with about 20 lbs so far and it just floats - no weight on my shoulders at all. I will update the review once I have tested it further but just to say thank you to SO for such a great piece of kit!

  • 5
    Divide 4500 olive green

    Posted by Doug on 3rd Sep 2018

    The divide was fantastic during my recent 7 day hike of Canada’s West coast Trail. I had no neck or shoulder pain, despite a 55 lb starting load. The adjustability was great. The optional belt pocket and water bottle holder worked well for me, although the attachment straps can come partially undone. I had debated getting the Gila but am super glad I bought the Divide for the extra size.

  • 5
    Guide 4500

    Posted by JDH on 26th Feb 2018

    I am really loving this pack. This weekend was my first overnight trip after receiving it. Before that, I'd taken it out for 3 tune up hikes with 32-35 pounds in order to get a feel and do a bit of tweaking as needed.
    This weekend I had loaded it with approximately 35 pounds for the overnight trip that involved some basic trail and some more challenging trail sections involving a lot of uneven rock surfaces along with the usual ups and downs of the terrain. We also had to deal with wet surfaces left by rain.
    The level of comfort I got over the two days with this pack was wonderful, and specifically within my shoulder region. This is the area I've almost always had issues with fairly quickly. For this trip, both days, I had the pack on between 2-3 hours before taking it off, and never was I ready to remove it due to aching shoulders. That's what I am after with this pack.
    Once you figure out the adjustments you can make, and you understand the why behind them, this pack has amazing comfort...IMO.

    The two side pockets are large enough to put a wet tent or tarp in, as well as grab a stowed water bottle. The back pocket is much larger than it would appear as well.

    I am very happy with this Divide 4500, and looking forward to more trips very soon.

    Thanks SEEK for this great pack!

  • 5
    Great pack

    Posted by Chris B. on 9th Nov 2017

    This past summer I hiked the High Sierra Trail with some other friends. I had an Osprey, one guy had a lightweight roll top, and another had an old school external frame pack. As we hiked over several days we were able to compare pros and cons of each style pack. My Osprey was definitely maxed out at 40 lbs, the light rolltop had minimal back protection and gave the guy some discomfort. The guy with the old style external frame pack had no problems and made me think again about the advantages of external frame packs. Based on my lessons learned, my conclusion was to find an external frame pack which was lighter, durable, waterproof, and roll top and could carry 40 plus pounds if necessary.
    Although I have not had a chance to do a full load long hike yet, i have loaded it up and done some shorter hikes. I can definitely say that this pack meets all of my expectations. As advertized, the bear canister fits nicely in the upper half of the pack. Also, the side pockets and rear mesh pocket are just right. This is a good looking pack.
    The final lesson learned was to go as light as possible and not try to cut cost on your shoes, sleep system and pack. The Divide 4500 is well worth the price.

  • 5
    Great all arounder with no weak spots.

    Posted by Josh D on 24th Oct 2017

    I purchased this pack a month ago and just finished my first trip with it. Trip included some really rugged Canadian shield "trail", and some bushwhacking.

    My first impressions when I pulled it out of the box were that it was about half the weight that it looked like it should be (even in x42).

    The suspension is the real deal, you can carry any weight load that your legs can handle in comfort and still tailor the way the pack carries to your preference. The trail we did was rugged with a lot of scrambling climbs and downclimbs and it was nice to tighten the harness up so the pack moved with me as one. But when on the smoother trails I could loosen things up for nice float and better airflow without losing the load carrying ability and the amazing weight transfer to the hips. My shoulders never felt like they had a load on them.

    There are a lot of variable to achieving a good fit, this means there a bit of learning curve but it's worth it. It great being able to make small adjustments to maintain comfort on a long day. Ultimately I wrapped the upper harness straps out around the frame before threading them thru the upper tri-glides. I ordered mine with the 2 inch extensions even though with the loads I carry and my torso height I probably could run the frame at 24". Going a bit higher than the minimum is recommended as long as you can still reach into the side pockets, and the top of the pack isn't so high to catch on things and reduce head movement. It's apparent to me now that my previous packs did not have sufficient frame height to get good load transfer. With the Divide at 26" it's effortless to get good load lift/transfer to hips.

    I think the size of the bag is pretty much ideal, you can compress it down for a light weekend or carry a 8-10 days' worth of food or gear. If you go smaller you'll end up having to buy a bigger bag eventually for big trips.

    I really like the dual buckle hip belt being able to set a different upper and lower tension was nice, and helped it stay put without having to over-tighten it.

    The xpac fabrics are awesome for packs... light, durable, and waterproof. Would be nice to have some brighter color options (like the new teal Gila!)

    Minor nitpicks/suggestions (these aren't enough to take away from my five star rating):
    -The fabric around the stretchy cords on the back and side pockets seems to be too stiff to get decent closure. The cord just slides loose around because it takes too much tension to scrunch the fabric. Maybe a stronger spring version of the shock cord lock would work too.
    -The back panel seems a little overkill with the heavy denier fabric and thick foam padding. My biggest issue with this is the heat on my back (even on cool weather). On the Gila and Divide, SO should consider changing this to some sort of heavy denier breathable mesh with no foam (since they are targeted at light load users anyways).
    -Back mesh pocket IMHO could extend to the bottom like the Gila, I suspect it doesn't in order to accommodate a lower gear/bear can lash point, but I pulled those straps off.
    -It's a little strappy in real life (people might want to get some sort of strap tending elastics). This is isn't necessarily a bad thing since it makes the pack super flexible, but it takes away from the tidiness. I thing I might make a set of short straps for lightweight backpacking trips and keep my long ones for more gear intensive trips where I'll have to fasten things to the outside.
    -Minor QC issue, it looked like someone used pliers on the bottom of my frame under where the pack bag wraps around. I'm concerned the burrs from this might cause the fabric to fail prematurely. (I'll probably sand it smooth, but that will take the black paint off.)
    -I love the gatekeepers, but I think the over the top strap should be a buckle (or bachelor buckle) to connect to the top of the mesh pocket since you have to undo it all the time. I'm worried I'll break a gatekeeper if I forget to fasten it before tightening.
    -Would like to see asymmetrical side pockets (one side being nice and tall like the peregrine's pockets for tent poles/fishing rods/trekking poles etc., and the other just the way it is for water bottles).

    Ordering advice:
    -The x42 looks great and is super bomber, but I realized in hindsight even the x21 would've been a big upgrade in durability for me, and even totally adequate for careful bushwhacking. I wish I would've saved the ounces and went with the x21.
    -When in doubt get a set of frame extensions, they are easy to add and remove or trim with a saw.
    -Call SO if you have any questions, they are very helpful on the phone and since they are a small company you can often talk to the people that designed the frame and get great advice.
    -Wished I would've ordered a hip belt pocket add on, I will eventually, but a little disappointed one isn't included at the price of the pack.
    -Was surprised to see a single hip belt buckle included that accommodates the dual strap system. This was a welcome surprise but I haven't tried wearing it with the single big buckle yet.
    -The website (at least the Divide 4500 page) mostly has pictures that show the back and side of the pack bag, but none show the inside, harness or cross stay or hip belt attachment system. You have to dig around a bit to get the whole picture.
    -I suspect if you don't carry huge loads you might be happier with the smaller sizes of hip belts since the larger size ones are pretty substantial. If you are really loading up then of course size the hip belt for maximum wrap, but if you are lightweight than the belt seems like overkill.

  • 4
    Good pack with some personal fit issues.

    Posted by Jeff on 22nd Aug 2017

    I bought this pack earlier this year. Previously I've used an old Kelty Tioga external frame that I love, but I've been looking for something a bit lighter and sleeker. The Divide looked like it would be an improvement on both fronts. I've taken it on several day hikes loaded up with typical backpacking weights to test things out. While it is definitely lighter and sleeker, I've had some personal fit issues that I haven't been able to resolve. But those things are just as much a function of my body type as they are the pack, so I'll give my review with that fact in mind.

    The good:

    Build Quality and Materials - All the stitching, straps, frame are very well put together. The X42 material definitely inspires confidence. Having experience with other "ultralight" products in my kit, this pack feels nigh indestructible. It feels like it can take anything short of a knife blade.

    Frame - The frame is outstanding. Load transfer to the hips is very good, and yet it is lower profile and more mobile than most external frame packs. It has a simple, yet adjustable shoulder strap setup.

    Ventilation - The ventilation is pretty good. Not as good as my Kelty, but I've yet to try a pack that compares to the ventilation on that thing. I've gotten a little sweaty wearing the Divide, but it was on a hot day and was manageable.

    Pockets - The mesh back pocket seems pretty durable, and the shock cord closure lets you tighten things down well to secure them. The side pockets are also pretty good, though might be a little loose some of the time if you're storing something slim in them. I think the only way to deal with that would be to make them out of stretchy material, but I prefer the durability of the X42 in this spot. I like the webbing on the hip belt allowing me to add some hip belt pockets.

    Service - I want to thank Seek Outside for a great service experience. I called prior to ordering and got friendly and helpful responses. I also asked for an extra sternum strap and they included it free of charge.

    The Bad:

    This section looks worse than it is - most of these are just minor issues. I just want to cover them for completeness.

    Over-weight - Mine came in a few ounces over the spec'ed weight. Not a huge deal, but a lot of ultralight folks can be very picky about small weight differences.

    Compression straps - I've had varied success with the compression straps on this pack. The main issue I've had is that the space between the two levels of compression is prone to bulging. The bulging is mostly just cosmetic - it doesn't really hamper the handling of the pack. Depending on what you're hauling, the bulging can also be mitigated with careful packing.

    Strap clips - The compression strap hook clips aren't terribly secure when they're not under tension. Often times my compression straps come undone when I remove a few things from the pack. I think this has been resolved in more recent iterations, as it looks like the new hardware includes a small "gate" that keeps the strap from coming out of the hook. Good improvement.

    Fitment - This is the real deal killer for me. It feels like both the shoulder straps and the hip belt aren't really made for my body type.

    The shoulder straps don't really conform to my shoulders very well. Ideally they would lie "flat", which would allow them to utilize all the padding for even pressure. I've fiddled with the various fit straps and couldn't really ever achieve this.

    With the hip belt, I have similar issues. Ideally I'd want the belt to apply even pressure and hug my iliac crest (my Kelty external frame does this perfectly). With the Divide, the pressure feels concentrated on the boniest part of my iliac crest, and I actually got some light bruises from day hikes. Keep in mind that I'm a very skinny guy, so I have next to no "natural" padding.


    I think the Divide is a good pack with some minor issues (some of which have been resolved!).

    Unfortunately, the design seems to clash a bit with my body type, and despite trying to adjust things, I can't really get it to feel comfortable enough to use over another pack. I am going to look into selling mine, as I'm well outside of the return period at this point.

  • 5
    Awesome backpack!

    Posted by Murali Chinnakonda on 12th Aug 2017

    I tried the Zpacks Arc Haul, ULA catalyst, Gregory Baltoro, Osprey Atmos and none of them felt comfortable for me. Finally, after lots of desperate searches, I stumbled upon a thread that talked about Seekoutside bags and I ordered the Divide with great excitement and anticipation. And it has lived upto the hype. I can comfortably carry 35 lbs. The hipbelt, shoulder harness, load lifters are awesome. I was worried that I may never be able to do the PCT till I found this bag! It is a great design! My base weight is around 16.5 lbs and with 6 days of food (4000 calories per day) and 5 liters of water, my total weight comes to 36.5 lbs. With Bearikade blazer, 38 lbs! I am able to the carry the weights effortlessly and have started enjoying the hikes with 35 lbs! The side pockets are great for carrying 2 liter Platy water bags - this is a must for me. Side pockets need to be big enough to hold 2 liter Platy bags - I am not sure where else one can keep the water if not in the side pockets. It is not practical to carry the 4 liters inside the backpack as it takes space away from the rest of the stuff. And you don't want to keep opening the backpack to get to your reserve water. The mesh pocket is sturdy and big enough to keep your rain gear/cold gear. I did add side pockets from a different bag so that I can keep my toiletries and electronics on the side. The frame is very strong. I like the floating waist belt as it attaches beautifully all around your waist and doesn't provide pressure points which make your waist belt move like the other bags. Some backpacks stand upright when filled up - this one doesn't not because of the external frame - not a big issue.

    Here is what I found with the other bags so that others can learn from my experience of finding a good backpack! Zpacks Arc Haul is second favourite bag - but, unfortunately, the bag does slide down with 38 lbs or so. I don't use the Arc for ventilation as I got collarbone pain which some of have reported with arched bags like Arc Haul or Osprey Atmos/Exos bags. Luckily unlike the Osprey bags, you have the option of not having the Arc in the Zpacks bags. If the frame was a little sturdier, then the Zpacks bag may have worked out great!

    ULA Catalyst was a huge bag and I never could feel comfortable with that bag and it seemed like it doesn't pack as well as the Zpacks bag. Also, I could never get hold of the loop for placing the bag down from my shoulder as it was someways down from the top of the bag once filled up fully.

    Zpacks/ULA have huge side pockets just like Divide!

    Osprey Atmos and Gregory Baltoro are really odd ball bags. Both of have idiotic side pockets where one cannot keep 2 liter Platy bags. Osprey Exos 58 does have space - but it doesn't have the adjustments for torso length. Osprey Atmos's belts are also crazy stiff and always swing inwards making it difficult to put on the bag and it is just too narrow and too tall.

    Overall, I am very happy with the bag and I am glad I found it - though by chance. Seekoutside needs to do better advertisements. One thing I will point out is the hit or miss customer service experience I encountered. I got my bag 3 weeks after I ordered it and it was sent via ground which is weird after charging 18 dollars or so for delivery. The least they can do is send it via air. I cannot think of anyone else who does this. I received the wrong bag - the one with bachelor buckles after I was told that I will get the June 2017 updates. When I contacted them, they said they had the new bags in stock and sent it immediately within 3 days which was nice. But, in both deliveries, I did not get the horizontal cross stay. They then sent it separately after pointing that out. I had also ordered the waist belt pockets which they could have sent it with the bag - but chose to send it to me via air even before I got the first bag with bachelor buckles which was un-necessary and they could have saved some money. Lastly for the bizzare part - they had sent me a return label to return the bag with the bachelor buckles. I sent the bachelor bag back to them and guess what happened! They refused to take the bag and returned it back to me! So, now I have an extra bag - maybe it is a gift for all the screwups! They really need to revamp their delivery mechanisms - have a single point of contact or at least take notes on every customer interaction on their billing system so that they do not keep screwing up. I will just wait for them to realize that they made a mistake in sending me back the bachelor buckle bag and ask for it!

  • 5
    Another 1000 mile review

    Posted by Kenneth Charles on 18th Jul 2017

    I just finished the last half of my AT thru, over 1000 miles, with the Divide and I would like to share some impressions I've formed about this outstanding pack.
    I only saw one other S.O. the entire hike. Osprey were in the majority with ZPack not too far behind. I talked up my Divide, particularly the virtues of the rather unassuming hip belt, at every opportunity. Some got it some didn't.
    My Divide is Alpine Grey X21 with S.O. belt pockets and Multilid.
    The belt pockets are great wouldn't change a thing.
    My hat is off to who ever designed the Multilid. Absolutely spot on for my needs; just the right size, shape and adjustable to keep it tight to the bag. The "hidden" zipper was were I keep my money and ID. Good Job. The blaze orange wasn't very colorfast, I don't care but someone else might complain. I don't see them listed on your site, hope they are still offered.
    I loved the pack bag and suspension it exceeded all my expectations. It was comfortable, even with resupply loads or humping extra water into a dry camp. Everything worked as it should! You guys really know what you are doing.
    However, I had issues with the triglides on the shoulder straps that attached the load lifters. When it was wet (it rained a lot) they would slip up the shoulder strap and lose adjustment. One of the triglides must of had a burr or a rough spot and it nearly sawed all the way though the load lifter strap. The other side was damaged too but not enough to need repair. I wound up tying the lifters to the shoulder strap daisy chain with a piece of string and that worked ok.
    I did a crappy job seam sealing and water would wick into the seams and through were the webbing and net were sewn on. Like I said it rained a lot. I solved that problem when I got a Packa.
    Other than really just one problem that was easily repaired the Divide and your accessories worked great.

  • 5
    1000 Mile Review

    Posted by Andrew K on 8th Jul 2017

    I bought this pack less than a month before starting the PCT and have no regrets. I've been living out of it for 2.5 months and I can say that it is bombproof. I ordered the x42 with the multi lid. The pack consistently carries between 30-50+ pounds with ease. The side pockets of the pack are perfect. They easily fit 2 water bottles on each side and allow you to access and put back while walking. The mesh pocket is amazing, the mesh does not stretch much but it is very durable. I max out the mesh pocket daily and there has been no sign of wear or tear. The stitching on the pack is just as bombproof as the x42 itself. I could go on about things I love about the pack but I must provide some criticism as well. I wish the horizon stay had a way to be more permanent, it stays in place better than you think it would and like having it but would like a posible hardware attachment alternative. My only other critique is that the shoulder harness could be more robust, don't get me wrong it is not weak or showing signs of wear but compared to other packs it could handle a little more padding and rigitity. That is it, if you want a pack with lifetime reliability you can't go wrong with the Divide. Oh yeah, it's pretty cool looking as well.