With a canopy weight of just over 6 lbs and total weight around 12 lbs the Courthouse is a lightweight wall tent.

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  • The Courthouse
    The Courthouse $1,275.00
    Courthouse Lightweight Wall Style Tent The Courthouse is a lightweight wall tent with dual center poles and 31" side walls. Designed with cots in mind, the Courthouse offers a tremendous amount of usable space for the...
  • courthouse liner
    Courthouse Liner $195.00 Add To Cart
    A full, one piece liner for the Courthouse wall tent. It covers the entire roof of the tent from the front down to the back window, It will provide a buffer to condensation, stop drips and help hold in some extra heat...
  • Twisted Aluminum Stakes (6 pack)
    Twisted Aluminum Stakes (6 pack) $21.00 Add To Cart
    Our choice for loose soil and snow. Twisted Aluminum Stakes are 10" long and due to their twisted shape have increased bite in challenging staking conditions. Weight .6 oz each.