6 Person Tipi



Six Person Lightweight Tipi Tent:

The six person has several features that create a more enjoyable backcountry experience. The single peak vent reduces condensation, while the sod skirt reduces drafts and improves titanium wood stove efficiency. Side guy out points improve the severe weather performance and allow for fexi-pitching. These features, coupled with the highest quality lightweight materials, create a very portable highly capable shelter. Several optional accessories allow you to tailor your tipi to the expected conditions and turn your portable tipi tent into a backcountry home. While this tipi is capable of sleeping six with summer gear, we recommend two to four people when used with a wood stove.  Made in Grand Junction, Colorado. USA

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  • 6 Man Tipi Tent
    6 Person Tipi Build to Order $799.00 Choose Options Choose Options
    The Six Person Lightweight Tipi is a backcountry palace that sleeps six in the summer or three plus a stove with headroom to spare.  The conical tipi shape sheds wind from any direction and is extremely weather worthy...
  • Six Man Tipi with Stove
    6 Person Tipi - Stove - Half Liner Bundle $1,295.00 Choose Options Choose Options
    The Six Person hot tent combo allows you to ride out storms in style.  Stoves allow you to take the chill off, cook, manage condensation, and dry soggy gear.  The included half liner effectively turns half the tipi...
  • LBO Nest (2 Person)
    LBO Nest (2 Person) $159.00 Add To Cart
    A lightweight two person nest that provides full protection from ground moisture, bugs and critters. Can provide some 3 season moisture protection when used with a shelter, and will hold in a little more heat. Has...
  • 6 Person Half Nest / Inner Tent
    6 Person Half Nest / Inner Tent $439.00 Add To Cart
    Like your floorless tipi but occasionally need more protection during the buggy season or on trips with the family? This half nest fully insulates one half of a 6 person tipi from ground moisture, bugs, and critters...
  • Image of 12 Person half liner, 6 is the same just smaller
    6 Person Liner Half $150.00 Add To Cart
    6 person tipi half liner. Made from white 20d uncoated ripstop nylon with a Durable Water Repellent finish. Liners tie inside your tipi to create a double wall shelter, providing a barrier to condensation and make a dead...
  • Carbon Fiber Center Pole for Tipis (6 and 8)
    Carbon Center Pole (6 and 8) $155.00 Add To Cart
    Carbon Fiber Center Pole with Aluminum Adjuster for 6 and 8 person Tipi Tents. This is a complete pole    Weight 23 ounces 
  • Carbon Pole instead of Aluminum (6 and 8)
    Carbon Pole instead of Aluminum (6 and 8) $100.00 Add To Cart
    Select this to get a Carbon pole instead of Aluminum Pole with your order. 
  • 6 Person Half Floor
    6 Person Half Floor $149.00 Add To Cart
    Fully covers half the floor space in a 6 person tipi. Provides protection from ground moisture, dirt or snow, has stake out loops that match the stake position on the host tent. Two half floors can be used to fully cover the...
  • LineLoc2 Extension Kit (Set of 10)
    LineLoc2 Extension Kit (Set of 10) $7.50 Add To Cart
    LineLoc3 Extension Kit: Set of 10 Perfect for raising the sides of your tipi or mid a bit to add extra venting or room. Can also be used in poor soil where finding stake locations can be challenging...
  • Tent Accessory Kit Bundle (Glowire, Titanium Stakes, Silnet, Tenacious Tape)
    Tent Accessory Kit Bundle (Glowire, Titanium Stakes, Silnet, Tenacious Tape) $34.99 Add To Cart
    This is an accesory kit bundle and Includes the following  Atwood 3/32 Glowire 50 ft (great for guy out lines) 5 Dutchware Burley Titanium Tent Stakes (great for guy outs)  Tenacious Tape by Gear Aid (Great...
  • Tent Fabric Samples
    Tent Fabric Samples $5.00 Add To Cart
    A small swatch sample of our fabrics. Free shipping.    When placing an order, contact us for a coupon code to refund the fabric sample. 
  • Twisted Aluminum Stakes (6 pack)
    Twisted Aluminum Stakes (6 pack) $21.00 Add To Cart
    Our choice for loose soil and snow. Twisted Aluminum Stakes are 10" long and due to their twisted shape have increased bite in challenging staking conditions. Weight .6 oz each.