6 lb Base Weight Combo - DST Tarp, WM Astralite Quilt, Gray Divide Backpack

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Brutal gains, punishing altitude, or packing out from the steeps, this ultralight hunting combo provides tremendous function for an astonishingly light weight. 

Base weight refers to Shelter, Sleeping Gear, and Backpack.  These three will make up the largest percentage of non-consumables in a backpacking gear list, so cutting weight in the Big Three offer the most potential pounds saved.

Pair this combo with a lightweight sleeping pad of your choice and you can hit a 6 lb base weight.

6 lb Base Weight Combo Includes

  • Gray Divide 4500 Bacpack -  2 lb 10 oz
  • DST Tarp - 1 lb 3.5 oz
  • Western Mountaneering Astralite 26° Quilt - 1 lb 1.5 oz
  • Total Package Weight - 4 lbs 15 oz

Gray Divide 4500 Ultralight Backpack

The Gray Divide 4500 is rated for 100+ lb loads and itself weighs well under 3 lbs.  A dedicated lightweight pack, the Divide does many things well, and does them with a single minded purpose.  There are no frills, no gadgets, just simple and efficient function.  Tailor your pack height to your torso and expected load ranges by using our Frame Extensions, which will raise the Divide's standard 24" frame to a 26" or 28".  (Just click the link and add extensions to your order.)  An extra set of Gatekeeper Compression Straps can make meat carry very manageable.

To read the full product description along with specs, videos, and instructions for the Gray Divide 4500, click the link:  Gray Divide 4500 Backpack

DST Tarp

Our DST Tarp is a flat tarp with 16 perimeter guyout points and a center reinforced patch that allows for a center pole pitch.  Easily pitched with trekking poles, a found pole, or guylines, the most common pitches for the DST are a more weather resistant A-frame or the more ventilated diamond fly.  A hank of our Atwood Reflective Orange Cordage works great as guyline material, and our lightweight Titanium Stakes peg the DST firmly at little weight gain.

To read the full product description along with specs, videos, and instructions for the DST, click the link:  DST Tarp

Western Mountaineering Astralite 26° Quilt

Western Mountaineering stands atop the mountain of sleeping bag and quilt manufacturers, building a tremendous brand reputation over the last 45+ years.  If you haven't heard of their legendary quality, you haven't been paying attention to sleeping gear.  This quilt is a new offering from WM, and is quickly becoming one of their best sellers.  

Quilts lack bottom insulation and zippers, making them lighter.  Pad strap attachment points help seal out drafts.  This quilt uses 850+ fill down and has an innovative draft collar to help seal out drafts around the neck.

Known for their conservative temperature ratings, you will need a beanie, neck gaiter, hooded puffy, or combination of all three to insulate your head and face when taking the quilt below freezing.

Sizing - this quilt is the long version and will fit people up to 6'4" tall.  The quilt is slim cut for weight and warmth performance, so if you're broad shouldered, bulky, or toss and turn, you may experience drafts with a quilt that you wouldn't with a sleeping bag.  If any of these describe you, call us and we can swap another Western Mountaineering Sleeping Bag for the Quilt.

To read the full product description along with specs, videos, and instructions for the Astralite Quilt, click the link:  Western Mountaineering Astralite 26° Quilt


Divide 4500 Gray:


  • Pack bag height closed: 32" (with two rolls of the roll top)
  • Top circumference: 40.5"
  • Base circumference: 36"
  • Rear Pocket: 10" by 14" by 5"


  • Base weight 2 lbs 12 oz Alpine Gray, 2 lbs 15 oz Expedition Olive (w/ small belt)
  • Removable strapping adds 2.6 ounces (over the top, roll top cinch, dual lower straps) 
  • Horizon Cross Stay adds 2.5 ounces
  • Weight as packaged 3 lbs 1 oz in Alpine Grey, 3 lbs 4 oz Expedition Olive

Divide 4500 Gray fabrics are X21 XPac for main packbag, black 500D cordura for water bottle pockets and suspension components.  Frame is 6061 T6 aluminum.  Pack weight rating is 100+ lbs.  Frame extensions are recommended for heavy loads for most users.

DST Tarp

Weight: 19.5 oz with stuff sack

Western Mountaineering Astralite Quilt

  • 26° F temp rating
  • 17.5 oz total weight
  • Insulated draft yoke
  • Elastic lacing bottom closure
  • Flat elastic pad straps for pad attachment
  • 850+ fill power down
  • Made in USA
  • 7d shell fabric/10d liner

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