3500 Series Custom Backpack


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3500 Series Custom Backpack


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The following selected items are built to order and are not stocked in-house, resulting in an extended lead time.

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    Lead Times 8 - 12 Weeks.

    Build your backpack the way you want it.  Our custom backpack builders allow you to select from commonly requested options to configure your dream backpack.

    Terms & Conditions

    • Custom packs come with our standard Lifetime Warranty, and have a 30 day return policy with a nonrefundable 15% restocking fee.
    • Lead Times on custom packs are 6 to 8 weeks.
    • Customizations are limited to a selection of our most common fabrics, pockets, and options.  We are not offering full customs due to the intensive time that custom patterns require.
    • Note - Multicam Breakaway packs will be shipped with a black frame panel and multicam hipbelt and harness.

    3500 Series Packbag Dimensions

    • Based on our popular Peregrine and Gila packbag styles, this size pack is great for ultralight backpacking or day hunts.
    • Packbag - 3500 cubic inches | 57 L
    • Top Circumference - 39" | 99 cm
    • Bottom Circumference - 37" | 93 cm
    • Unrolled Height - 37" | 94 cm


    Finished pack weights can be approximated by starting with a similar sized pack and then adding or subtracting feature weights.

    • Gila weight - 2 lbs 13 oz in Green
    • Peregrine weight - 4 lbs 2 oz in Green
    • Gila style mesh pocket - 2 oz
    • Lanner style mesh pocket - 7 oz 
    • Water Bottle Pocket - 1.5 to 2 oz each
    • Tall Side Pocket - 2 to 2.5 oz each
    • Zippered Side Pocket - 4 to 6 oz each
    • Hydro Port - 1 oz or less
    • Side Zipper - 3 to 5 oz

    Configurable Options

    • Breakaway Platform or Integrated Platform - Integrated is lighter and more direct.  Breakaway is more versatile in carrying large, heavy, or bulky loads due to Breakaway Carry.
    • Fabrics -
      • X21 has a 210D face fabric and is a great all around lightweight backpacking fabric.
      • X33 Multicam has a 330D face fabric and is a great lightweight hunting fabric that performs very well in rock abrasion.
      • X42 Olive has a 420D face and is a good all round fabric in a muted color.
      • SpectraGridHT is lighter in weight than our X-Pac fabrics and performs similarly to 500D Cordura in abrasion resistance.  A very attractive fabric that appears medium gray at a distance.  Contains a 1500 mm hydrostatic head rated PU coating for waterproofing, but is not as waterproof as X-Pac.
    • Accent Fabrics -
      • 500 denier Cordura is a workhorse of the industry.  Strong, pliable, long lasting, good abrasion resistance.
      • SpectraGridHT - lighter than 500D Cordura but with similar abrasion resistance.
    • Face Pocketing - choose between a simple mesh stuff pocket, a Peregrine style mesh pocket with two zippered security pockets, or no pocket.  You can add a Talon to your order if you wish by clicking the link - Talons, Top Lids, & Pockets
    • Side Pockets - Choose between our most popular styles - Water Bottle, Tall Side Pockets, and Zippered Wing Pockets.  Independent left and right options let you mix and match pockets to your needs.
    • Side Zipper - Fully separating, with pulls on top and bottom.  This allows you to open the packbag fully for access, or to open from bottom up if the rolltop is closed, making access easier on the fly.
    • Hydro Port - select if you're a bladder user, opt out for more waterproofness of the packbag, or for bottle users.

    Backpack Features

    • Field Adjustable Frame Height
    • Rapid Adaptable Compression System (RACS)
    • Dynamic Belt System
    • X-Pac™ Fabric


    • Six side compression straps
    • One over the top compression strap
    • Two bottom compression straps
    • Field Repair Kit
    • Two one inch belt buckles
    • A 4 to 1 single belt buckle is available upon request

    Rain Cover / Seam Sealing

    • For instructions, check out our video Seam Sealing a Backpack.
    • Main pack bag is made of X-Pac™ waterproof material and features a waterproof rolltop closure.  Seam sealing the outside seams is recommended for exceptionally wet environments.  
    • Waterproof stuff sacks are recommended for exceptionally rainy conditions, and drybags for submersion or severely wet conditions such as bushwacking or canyoneering.  

    Bear Cans

    • Bear cans may be strapped on with lower compression straps 
    • Bear cans may be carried under the top strap