24 Person Tipi


A group size gathering tent, this tent is a great as an a dining and gathering tent for outfitters and guides. With a diameter of 26 feet and height of 13 feet this tent feels larger than many garages. 

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  • 24 man grizzly brown
    24 Person Tipi $2,500.00 Choose Options Choose Options
    Basecamps, cook tents, small concerts, emergency housing, the 24 Person Tipi provides an incredible amount of covered space at a light weight and is perfect for weight restricted bush flights or pack trains. Handmade in...
  • LBO Nest (2 Person)
    LBO Nest (2 Person) $159.00 Add To Cart
    A lightweight two person nest that provides full protection from ground moisture, bugs and critters. Can provide some 3 season moisture protection when used with a shelter, and will hold in a little more heat. Has...
  • Tent Fabric Samples
    Tent Fabric Samples $5.00 Add To Cart
    A small swatch sample of our fabrics. Free shipping.    When placing an order, contact us for a coupon code to refund the fabric sample. 
  • Twisted Aluminum Stakes (6 pack)
    Twisted Aluminum Stakes (6 pack) $21.00 Add To Cart
    Our choice for loose soil and snow. Twisted Aluminum Stakes are 10" long and due to their twisted shape have increased bite in challenging staking conditions. Weight .6 oz each.