Stove Jack Installation

Stove Jack Installation

Installing a siliconized fiberglass stove jack in your tent is pretty simple. This can be done with a regular sewing machine, you just need to go a little slow and take your time. This should not take to long. First you need to choose the location, usually in tipi and pyramid style tents it is best to install the jack near the center pole. There are several reason for installing the stove jack near the center of the tent. First, the center is the most stable area in the case of high winds, secondly a significant amount of heat is gained from the stove pipe so maximizing the pipe is a good idea, and finally the heat distribution is best in the center of the tent.

Our stove jack comes with a storm flap on the front and hook and loop attached to the back. You can install the jack by just sewing it in or you can sew in the hook and loop so that the stove jack is removable and replaceable with a cover or a vent (we have a vent that can go in place).

Our fiberglass stove jack also comes pre-marked for a 3 inch stove pipe. Creating holes for larger pipes is pretty simple. The following is shown on an example piece of fabric.

The basic process is as follows:

  1. Determine the stove jack location, near the center is usually best.
  2. Use the stove jack to mark the fabric.
  3. Cut hole for stove pipe (Instead of cutting a hole directly, we recommend cutting the jack like you would cut a pie). If you cut the stove jack like this it’s easy to add a little bit for a 3.5 ¬†“pipe or 4″ inch pipe. Use something sharp. Dull objects cause the material to fray.¬†
  4. Optional: Sew hook and loop to tent (or sew jack directly)
  5. Attach the stove jack to the hook and loop
  6. Seam seal

Thats it, enjoy a warm tent.

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